Saturday, December 27, 2008

Promises broken, (but luckily no arms)

I know I promised that I would get the pics up, but I got distracted by all the Christmas fun, and now, we are at the beach. Of course I will post, from the MRs. new MAC BOOK computer (Which so far is super fabulous, if not mildly daunting to be relearning to use the computer). Anyways, I was also lucky enough to receive an actual CRICUT Expression machine, so I will probably be AWOL as I die cut a million fabulous items!!

Moving on, I had to get this video up, because I cannot even believe it, but it's true!! 

Cubby can ride a Bike!! 
He went round and round the cul-de-sac after that, but of course I neglected to film that because I was watching so intently. 
So miss H is not too far behind, but her balance needs a little work still. Most likely she will be there in a day or two, but we had to take a little break from lessons so the Mr. could realign his spine. 

I can't even believe it, who would have thought, he's barely four!!
So, pictures to come of the Christmas fun, and Little Daddy's number 2 Birthday!!

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Linnea said...

Yay Cricut! My friend Karen just got one and I tried it out last weekend. Not something I'll buy (the fact that you have to spend money on all those cartridges instead of hooking it up to a computer angers me) but I think it's an awesome machine!