Sunday, December 14, 2008

A little Mischief

There is a mysterious phenomenon occuring around here, each time I have downloaded pictures from our digital camera there are mysteriously a few I did not take... these for example:

Now who in this house could be interested in touching something they are not supposed to? Certainly not Cubby who has asked repeatedly for a digital camera from Santa? Certainly not his frequent partner in crime Miss H. Honestly, I have to admit, Cubby does have a pretty good eye, some of his stuff is a little artsy...

So here's hoping the fat man sees fit to keep them off the BBandG (Bad Boy and Girl List for those not following Santa lately) and grant Cubby's heart's desire... (Miss H has her heart set on a Hello Kitty sewing machine) I'm thinking of submitting a few to National Geographics"My Shot" contest. Below is a little collection of some of these "anonymous" photos. Although in all honesty, the kids do admit to taking the pictures, and I don't mind too much (it's just memory space). It is also interesting to see what they consider picture worthy. And, I may have invited this mischief showing them how the camera worked about a month ago.

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brooke said...

I would hire him. I kid you not!