Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First Christmas Play

Well, I have a few un-finished posts. Something must be up around here, as I have no idea why I have not had time to complete my thoughts, whatever could be the excitement?

At any rate, instead of waiting to finish all the unfinished.. I will post the new posts, and fix the others up later. (You know in all my free time).

We were very fortunate to have Hannah and Connor's first ever Christmas Program at school on Friday. The pictures are not very great, in part because of the camera and in part because of the lighting I think. There was also a slight miscommunication, in which I thought arriving by 11:15 as suggested by the school head would mean an acceptable seat, apparently the more responsible parents had stayed since drop off that morning. Had I known the show would be a sell out, I would have camped out the night before!!

All in all, I found this first Rite of Parental Passage, quite entertaining and hilarious. There were slews of Dad's armed with recording devices, (some on tripods) and enough anticipation to merit a true Broadway debut. I don't know which was more entertaining to watch the chorus of small children outfitted in costumes of their choosing telling the story of Christ's birth, or the crowd of parents (myself included) clamouring for the perfect view. Parenthood is a constant wonder to me, for what other force could cause pure delight in a stage full of people in costumes made with safety pins and hot glue moving about as the Christmas Story is read. I must also admit a complete appreciation for Auntie Abby, Uncle Josh and Mrs. Robyn who indulged my parental wonder and oohed and ahhed in all the right places, and didn't tease me a bit when I was disappointed at the photographic evidence of this obviously historic event.

So below are a few pics (again the picture quality is quite poor). Connor was a fabulous Donkey who roved the stage quite dramatically throughout the show. Hannah played Baby Jesus, complete with blankie, and did some very convincing thumbsucking and sleeping. Hannah also did an excellent job singing.. which I think you can see in one of the later pics.

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