Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daddy's Girls

Having been one myself, I know the true comfort that comes from being a Daddy's Girl, and how in many ways your Dad is the first man you learn to love, and even now I measure my husband against this standard. What I wasn't prepared for, is what a treasure it is to watch a Daddy and his girls as they grow into their roles. I am painfully aware, that there will come a time when the Mr. and I will not be innundated by the caucaphony of young parenthood and instead of giggles and shrieks it will be silence that reverberates down the hall. I think from time to time what that will be like. My preliminary conclusion is that it will be bittersweet. I think to sustain myself through that bittersweetness, I will have not only my fabulous husband, and the abscence of sippy cups, but a catalog of great memories. Check out this daddy with his girls.

Daddy and Lil Bit (The reason we missed the Duke Game)

Daddy and Miss H four years ago.. (I know the Mr. has hardly changed at all!!)

Lil bit, by the way is now more than two months. At her last check up she was rocking it at 11lbs 3 oz, and a mind boggling 78th percentile in length, making our Lil Bit the biggest of all the kids.

Who knew?
Also... Here is Miss H aged 2 months in the same outfit!!

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