Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Review

Well, he came, and let me tell you he DELIVERED!! The kids were delighted to receive what they had asked Santa for. Below you will find pics of them opening some of their presents. 

Little Daddy and his Cars Art Set (thank you Rosie)
Cubby and his new Digital Camera

Miss H and her Hello Kitty Sewing machine. (WOOHOO!!)
Miss H Sewed a Cartridge Wallet for the leapster games and a camera case for Cubby. There was a very funny moment when I was trying to teach her by demonstrating how to raise and lower the presser foot. Apparently I was horning in on her action because she stated quite clearly, "Mom, it's not your machine." not in a mean way, but more as a pure reminder that if I was going to be hogging all the fun I should head downstairs. I can't remember learning to sew. I can remember sewing, but not the actual learning, but I wonder if my mother had the same sort of wonderment and warmth in her heart as she taught me. What an amazing gift to be able to share something I treasure with my daughter. And honestly, she is very good!! She has a little list of the other things she's going to make and for whom. She has The Mr. down for Pajama pants. We'll see. 

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brooke said...

of course miss h is gifted, she is an off spring of you!