Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Daddy is Two

So as I am completeing this post months after the big day... It is not nearly as sentimental as it was when I was initially composing it.. nevertheless, the pictures must go up!! 

It was a great day!! Here is the requested football cake (made with love and enthusiasm by The Mr.) Little Daddy opened his great presents. He was quite excited about his booball and hat.  
Little Daddy is quite the comedian around here, and has gotten into more th
an his share of mischief. I've noticed an exceptional difficulty for the Mr. and I to discipline him appropriately because we are generally doubled over laughing at his latest mischeif. He is currently having an slight issue with T and hard C sounds that has made him even more adorable.. "Tonnor, 
Tars, hot toe-toe" are all frequently referred to.

so at the age of two.. here's the low-down on the little man...
Height-still shorter than me
Weight 27.2
Eyes- mischeivious  the same weird hazel  the other kids have although more brown than green

Movie-McKEEN (Cars to the rest of you)
Song= Take me out to the Ball game (Where we root for the TUBBIES)
Game-Tars or ball
Friend-Mason or Bradley
Food- Soy Milk and CANDY
Also loves-Sores (dinosaurs) choo choo, (thomas trains), GO DEACONS!, any ba-ball (any sport involving a ball), snuggling 
Most often heard saying "No Mommy"
Most often seen-wearing a baseball cap (GO CUBS) 

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Emma and Dan said...

I'm very impressed with the care that the Mr. put into that cake. It looks great. You have taught him well.