Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Updates...

So we have been working and working away here, The girls room got a new dresser which I found for only $75 at the Rescue Mission. They LOVE LOVE LOVE having a mirror to admire themselves in, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that there are enough drawers to keep all their things off the floor, and some room to spare (called two completely empty drawers!!) We also redid their closet effectively doubling their hanging space, and leaving a shelf at the top to sort their out of season wear.

Also, someone around here is growing like a weed and can no longer be contained by a highchair. So, we purchased a junior chair from IKEA like the other children have, and she "helped" build it. She only hit me a "few" times. Also, did I mention that I love IKEA and all it's swedish efficiency. I am not even exaggerating when I say I would love those designers come and figure out how to make the basement "work"... although probably I should get the contractor to figure out how to stop making it flood first..

and Voila!! A big girl, in her big girl seat.

Honestly, these chairs are awesome, they eliminate the need for booster seats, take up less space than a regular chair AND children actually sit in them!

We celebrated C and H's baptism day with a Giant Cupcake (as seen on TV) delish! (although in this picture it looks a little dented)

So it keeps going from seasonal to chilly willy around here and I am super glad that indoor soccer will start soon. We have also, I kid you not people, JOINED THE ---Y. I know, I felt sure our budget would never allow such a luxury but a generous Christmas gift from my inlaws has allowed me this absolute pleasure. We have been twice already, and I'm telling you, someone watching your kids while you workout, and also possibly shower if you are into that.. miracles never cease. And also, they have an indoor pool so the kids are getting in some swim time, and we all know how swimming makes kids REALLY REALLY TIRED... I'm telling you the gift that keeps on giving.

So I need some ideas (I'm talking to you creative people!!) on what to do on the wall behind the new dresser. Is it passe now to do their names? what would be cute tell me tell me.. or better yet.. make it and send it!!

Also, I might be addicted.. to the Y.


brooke said...

I live for the Y. So glad you have seen the light:) Honestly, it helps me keep peace of mind. And I so badly miss that Y. I hope you meet all my Y friends there. I miss them almost as much as I miss you.

sewthriftycollection said...

love the dresser, i have one like that too with the goldish and cream, but i didn't get a mirror, lucky ladies!!

Heather said...

They have cute vinyl stickers for girls' rooms that you can find at Target, and probably the internet. Or you could get stencils and do your own artwork. I bet there are lots of ideas on the internet if you google something like, "Wall decor ideas for girls' rooms"
LOVE the dresser. What a great find! =)

Heather said...

Ok, I went to Target after I wrote my last comment and I saw all the super cute vinyl wall stickers they have for kids rooms. I think they're called motif in a minute. They run about $16-$20.