Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Snowed... It Snowed... It Snowed Last Night..

Baby let's play hooky 'cause it snowed last night!

And play hooky we did, because the "Blizzard 20-10" dumped 6 inches of snow here, and plenty more in Virginia, which cancelled the indoor meet in Blacksburg that The Mr. was going to, and let us all enjoy having him home for another weekend of good family fun.

A recent trip to the Cracker Barrel renewed the kids interest in checkers so the Mr. and I dusted off the hand-made game set we bought long before we ever had kids, and he set to improving their game play. I couldn't help but snicker a little at the memories of that set and the little sunporch in our first house. The Mr. and I would sit out their on summer evenings after dinner and drink wine and play chess or checkers with this very set. Now of course times have changed and an added challenge to the game is keeping Lil Bit otherwise occupied because she will swipe a checker if you let your guard down.

So while we awaited the snowfall, the Mr. decimated each of the children in turn.

The troops headed out early, apparently according the Mr. they all woke up extra early like 6:30. I had no idea as it seems I have finally mastered the art of sleeping through the cacophony and did not arise until 8ish. (that might have something to do with why the Mr. does not look so happy in this photo)

I had just purchased next year's winter wear from Land's end for the kids, and Cubby insisted upon wearing it, although I explained it was still too big.
"No this is perfect! This is just how I like to wear it, and I don't really need to see in front of me at all" (well thank goodness!)

Looks kinda angelic doesn't she... (don't be fooled!)

So we hiked it to the local sledding hill and got a few runs in.. it was COLD out there, and we we're down to just one sled for the six of us because of an unfortunate incident in which according to Cubby, "Daddy's big old buns broke my sled". The Mr. claims it was frozen, I wasn't sure if he meant the sled or his big ol' buns, but anyway.. we will have to get a new one.

She really loves it. As a matter of fact, she makes this same face when we let her eat doughnuts. So this look of nirvana coupled with her ear splitting shriek when someone else has a turn on the sled lead me to believe we might invest in 2 more sleds.

The snow was not great for snow fights or snow men, (although they did make a great volcano) but it did slow everything down and render our little street peaceful. We headed back..

where we found the snow did not "keep the postman from his post" and we had the January book order waiting for us. So we had cuddle time, book time and movie time, and I had nap time! Which might be why the Mr. doesn't look so happy in this photo...

Finally, kudos to me, because my latest mommy invention is working like a charm!

When it snows we don't use the basement entrance, we use the office. Last snow (a week before Christmas) our family invested in some suction cup hooks, these coupled with some Rubbermaid lids let us hang all our coats and snowpants and store our boots hats and gloves without drippy mess, or heap of jackets. YAY!

Alright, Family history preserved... I'm off to cuddle The Mr. maybe he'll let me sleep in again tomorrow. Could I be so lucky?

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sewthriftycollection said...

8 that's not sleeping in... what are you people crazy or something, try noonish, that's Auntie style!