Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Best Things in Life

come in twos around here..

Two Babies

Two Boys

Two Girls

Two New Blankets

Two Little Braids

and Today Two Birthdays for Two Special Aunties!!

Happy Day of Birth you two!!
**your presents will be late***
--also I was going to say two parents.. but apparently our picture has not been taken together sans children in the digital age.. It will take substanstial effort to rectify that....


sewthriftycollection said...

AHHHH! thanks, ilove and miss you all xoxox *winter

snoopy said...

Thanks it take me longer I'm the old one.
The real reason I forgot you told me but then I forgot it's the age thing
anyway thanks I love the pictures

Heather said...

Awww, I really like this post. Very well written!! =)
The very first picture made my heart melt. I love the boys PJs...SO CUTE!! The picture of Miss H helping Lil Bit open a present is darling. And I can't believe how long Lil Bit's hair getting. I love that you can do french braids. I"M SO JEALOUS!!! Have you always been able to do that, or did you learn after you had kids? I can do my own hair in a french braid, but i'm not sure I can learn on someone else

Emma and Dan said...

2 boys, 2 girls. That's the dream... I love the pajamas and the quilts. Way cooler than PBKs! I bet Cubbie will happily take a picture of the two of you.

As a side note, my mom met someone named Winter at a store and instantly decided that she loved that name. It just made me think of your sis although I've never met her. :)