Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweets for the Sweet

In a tradition I learned from my mother, I do try to make the kids cakes each year. The first year I did buy Miss H and Cubby's because they couldn't express what kind they would have liked, but since that point I have worked hard to make a cake to their liking. Sometimes it is difficult, for her third birthday Miss H asked for a pony cake, and when I stuck a My Little Pony on top of an ordinary cake she was disappointed saying, "Um actually Mom I wanted the cake to turn into a pony." So I have had to up my game so to speak for this crowd. I do love letting them pick, and they have yet to pick something that I would have chosen for them. It is a nice time for me as a mother to work on this project for each of them, and to be able to take the time to reflect on their year and pray for them specifically. My mother's heart, it seems is just teeming with good wishes for them, and working on something to be done to their specifications opens my heart up to their own desires.

Cubby wanted a Wake Forest football helmut (a last minute change of heart) up until last week a baseball cake was a sure thing. It was Funfetti on the inside, which I still think might be the most delicious cake out there.

seriously this kid is a goofball!

Miss H initially said a beautiful butterfly (which I think I am going to do for Lil Bit's birthday), that would look like her Monarch butterfly Riley the second. At the AC MOORE she switched to a pink and purple variety and then finally, a simple, festive, fondant flower covered cake. It was two layers with a raspberry and vanilla creme filling. And looked great on the cake stand the Mr. and I received as a wedding gift.
(you can really see the fat lip she got from kissing that tree in this pic, at least the tooth came back down)


brooke said...

You are way too talented for words! I miss my all creative, all knowing, all amazing mother. I would live next to you in a heart beat! Those cakes are unbelievable!!!!

snoopy said...

Hey it looks like you had a great day. but next year i'm just going to send bubble warp???

Linnea said...

That flower cake is amazing! I am totally impressed.

Amber said...

Hey Summer, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Your kids are adorable. I didn't use the cricut to actually cut the felt. I cut it out on thin card stock with my cricut then pinned it to the felt like a sewing pattern. I know you can now buy specific cricut felt but I'm assuming it's expensive.

Andrea said...

Gorgeous kids and cakes. :) I have much to aspire for birthdays. Do these pics mean you found a camera you like?

Emma and Dan said...

What a fun day the kids had! Your cakes are amazing! Please tell me that you took a cake making class or something to justify what an awesome job you did. Is there anything that you can't do?