Sunday, September 27, 2009

Easy as 1 2 3

I did miss a few Wordless Wednesday's (why I just can't imagine). But a few things have snuck up on me that I just had to share...

First, and for the record, this girl does know how to use a spoon, but when she is "famished" which happens every couple of days, she casts the spoon aside, and just shovels it in. Chili apparently is one of her favorites. There was an alternate picture where she literally had two fistfuls of chili going in. I'm hoping she can get this under control before college.
Second, just look at this boy. Little Daddy is turning into quite the little charmer, and while it is clear from this photo that he is in great need of a hair cut. He is quite welcoming and funny. Today at church he said hello to everyone and gave high fives to his teachers and classmates. So adorable. Perhaps the funniest part of our whole day though was the call to worship which began with something about coming "with empty stomachs and hearts". Little Daddy called out "STOMACHS??!!" I could hardly stifle my laughter, and caught The Mr.'s eye as he swallowed a laugh that left his shoulders rocking.

Third, there was this "moment" during worship today that I thought I could potentially simultaneously burst from joy and sob in sadness.. ( I know I'm terribly dramatic). We begin the worship hour taking up an entire row... The Mr. and I bookending the children who are "seated" between us in their various activities: Lil Bit in constant state of near escape, Cubby near eruption (physical or vocal), Miss H enthralled with the children's bulletin, Little Daddy, near giggles, but following the children's minute, it is just the Mr. and I and Lil Bit (although if her naughtiness persists... away to the nursery I say) and suddenly there was this gap of an entire pew. I slid over, (well picked my way cautiously around the rubble). As I leaned in to Husband and baby, I cast my eyes over the space that had previously been so full, and found it's emptiness ... I'm not sure which word to put here, stark? vast? stoic? impending?
The absence of the giggles, wiggles, questions and general "rumpus" the wildness I seek quiet time from each day, suddenly seemed well, mourn-able. Isn't that the silliest thing... Of course the absence of this circus did allow me to hear the sermon, which was a welcome change from the summer months. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." The lesson focused on this being a call to make peace by building relationships and having dialogue, and that is how those who do this will be called the children of God, not those who simply love peace, or keep peace, but those who through faithful action work to make it. A powerful lesson in this house as we battle the self focused appetites of children.

Finally, as I exited the church with Little Daddy's hand in mine, his backpack of diversion strapped to his back, and a neat little necklace of drinking straws around his neck, he sang out into a glorious noon that had melted away an overcast morning, "This is the day, that the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it..." I suppose I will have to mourn how fast this year has gone another time.. because who can resist such a glorious command.

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