Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally Five!

It is here, (finally if you ask Miss H and Cubby) they are five!! And quite an action packed day they had. It began with a bit of a protest from Little Daddy, who stated "I didn't take all my sleeps!! as we loaded up for a kids Triathlon. Yes, that is the truth, Miss H and Cubby opted to compete in a triathlon to start their day.

I cannot even convey to you the surprise, mild trepidation and excitement I had whirling around in me, would I be able to set aside my competitive nature and support them in this endeavor, or would I become frustrated. Would they be able to stay the course, even if they were not winning? Would Miss H remember to use the brakes?!!!
Well check out these mini-winners!

I know!! They did it. I am in a constant state of amazement at what these people can do, and do with enthusiasm and good spirit. They will both tell you it was very fun, (and I think it was fun too!) Cubby will mention that he finished in front of Miss H because she took a wrong turn right before the finish. Miss H will tell you that she did a great job and used the brakes. Following the Tri we rushed home to finish decorating cakes and open presents. On the way, Cubby was all a flutter about opening some presents. Miss H calmly called out, "Well I already got two presents. A new bike and a big bonk from a tree." I giggled a little at that one, because she literally flew over her handlebars and kissed a tree. Which is why she was so proud of remembering to use the brakes.

While lunch was cooking we let the kids open some presents. Here they are opening their Fall looks from Mimi Viv! By the way Mimi Viv, we are in love with that sweater dress!! She already asked to wear it today, and I had to explain it was a little too hot still.

Here they are opening a mysterious package from Auntie Rosie and Papa Mike...

Which contained their hearts desires... Notice that Little Daddy is just as excited as the birthday kids!

and also the best present ever..

Here Cubby opens the Pirate ship that he'd been waiting his whole life for!! The Mr. and I both loved Legos as children and we are very excited that Cubby enjoys them so. I did have to give the Mr. a stern lecture because he was hogging all the assembly for himself instead of allowing Cubby to do it himself.

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