Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little Bit about Lil Bit

Guess who's birthday is coming?

That's right, our littlest bit will hit the big number ONE birthday, ushering in a whole new era in the Riley household. A busier era for sure, (although that is hard to imagine). She is now walking, and though you wouldn't know it from reading this blog, has been since August 25. Just in the last two weeks she has completely switched over and walking is now her mode of mischief, and mischief, let me tell you, abounds in this one. Although, it's hard to judge naughtiness when it comes in such an adorable little package, when that curly head comes toward you atop that little waddling bean body, trust me, it's a tough thing to keep a straight face.

She currently has just four teeth, although just today she tried to knock two of them out, by toppling a chair directly onto her face. Did I mention she has very advanced naughtiness, and climbing abilities?

The Mr. and I have also been discussing recently if it is possible she could be in some part foreign, because she "talks" all day long, gesticulating wildly with her arms and using her eyebrows for emphasis. But I tell you, I her own mother, cannot make out a word she says. Honestly, she says Dada quite clearly, and Mama only under duress, there is a little "dis and dat" but mostly I'll tell you the girl has marbles in her mouth.

Actually, she has not yet had marbles in her mouth, although she did nearly choke on a button last Tuesday. Her favorite thing to put her mouth seems to be pencil erasers, followed closely by crayon tips and felt tip marker points. She can spot an unattended pencil from across the playroom, and makes the most horrendous shriek I have ever heard, when you try to remove them from her iron grasp.

She has a keen interest in books, (of course) and has just this week become interested in nesting objects. She has tried unsuccessfully multiple times to stack blocks, but cannot get past three. She loves music, but her favorite pastime is whapping whoever is nearest on the head with cylindrical objects (drumsticks, the afore mentioned pencils, and spools of thread) repeatedly. She also loves pulling Miss H's luxurious hair, and has twice removed her own diaper.

She is far and away the loudest of all the children, and yet somehow, goes completely solemn before answering your yes/no question with a slow and deliberate nod.
She's been able to nod yes for a month and half now. We have been tailgating and attending the Wake Games, which she seems to enjoy. (She did go to her first one when she was five days old, so who can blame her). Her clapping and "Go Deacs" are coming along quite nicely, although, they've not given us too much to cheer about.

So, I still can't believe how fast this year has gone. One year ago she was just a huge lump in my belly, a writhing mound under which I could lose sight of Little Daddy, and my feet. And now here she is, walking and talking (in Chinese no less!) and whapping us on the head. Life as we know it, is amazing, and at every turn a huge surprise (and sometimes a whap on the noggin!)

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