Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Maid

While on a weekend vacation at Mimi and Papa's a new family favorite was discovered. There were a few rousing games of OLD MAID!! I remembered playing this simple game not with a specialty deck, but by simply removing three of the queens from a regular deck. Well Miss H and Cubby are at the perfect age to dread the drawing of the OM and to try to trick the other players into selecting it. Check out this Vegas action!

A nice friendly card game....

Stacking the deck for Mimi...

AHA rid of the Old Maid!!

Here Cubby tries to pawn off the losing card on Miss H..

Seriously, I haven't giggled so hard in a long time. Miss H's reactions were priceless!! So we played quite a few times because who doesn't love to laugh like that! There was one snafu in that Little Daddy is none to interested in playing by the rules, and really would only like to match the firemen cards. but even that could not detract from the general giggling and anticipation.
There is something magical about this stage where Miss H and Cubby have not yet mastered the masking of their emotions. I adore the rawness of their joy, and the transparency with which they approach everything. As much as I would like to prolong this stage, where attempted sneakiness is accompanied by giggles, and a stern look can bring the truth tumbling out, I do know its time is sadly limited.

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