Monday, July 6, 2009

The First Cut is the Deepest

No one commented, but I'm sure everybody noticed that Lil Bit's hair was looking especially great in our fourth of July pics. Aside from the assortment of anti-frizz and curl enhancing products I have been sampling at the Wal-Mart, we did get around to giving her a much awaited, eagerly anticipated first hair cut. While, it should not seem daunting to remove a centimeter of hair.. we all know how sharp those little Gingher scissors are, and how dainty Lil Bit is. So, well as it could be put off no longer, I took a deep breath and snipped away. The hardest part was getting over my own fear that those adorable curls could not be permanent.


I can still remember My older sister Sunshine being left to watch me, and my younger sister Winter, who couldn't have been more than two. Winter had the most adorable little curls at the nape of her neck, giving her little bob of hair the perfect flip. Sunshine had had enough of hearing about how my mother had been waiting and waiting for one of her kids to get her curly hair, and as soon as my sister was left in charge, she said, "Ohh Winnie, don't you want to get those icky curls off so you can have straight hair like me?" It didn't take long for Winter to agree, and Sunshine hacked that perfect flip right off. Boy was my mom mad!! Anyway, that popped into my head as I was getting ready to straighten her do.


Group Shot!!

Cubby- July 6, 2005

Miss H Sept 10, 2005

Little Daddy Jan 24, 2008

If memory serves me right, Cubby and Miss H were relatively easy. But by all accounts Little Daddy not so much. As a matter of fact, the next pic after this one in our "album" is him clinging to the Mr. for dear life. This was just one of the reasons we had to start taking the boys to the saloni! The other being Cubby's penchant for leaning to which ever side you are cutting.

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