Thursday, July 16, 2009

the day the music died

well the camera anyway... On saturday we had a bloggable excursion and I took this picture,
the LCD view on the camera was displaying backward and upside down, but it was still usable.

On Monday I picked up the camera to take a picture, and guess what.. the screen didn't work at all. I know.. I was pretty sad too. I still got, a shot close to what I wanted.. but it took 12 tries.

I called the people at nikon, and guess what they would love to fix it, but it is no longer under warranty so we will have to pay for it. I know I was bummed about that too. Guess what, the same had happened recently with the Mr.'s Ipod, and fixing it, was just as expensive as getting a new one. So.. given that we replaced the ipod, refinished the deck and repaired the grill this month, we won't be getting a new camera anytime soon. And yes, I did try to plant to idea that perhaps the Mr. would like to return his ipod and get a camera, but his subconscious did not seem to be too receptive to this idea. So.. it may be a while before you see any super cutie Riley pics.

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Katherine and David said...

Hey! I will get you the info about my camera in case you get to shop for one in the near future. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. It's always nice to know that I'm not just talking to myself! I suppose Anna Jane will have to follow H and C and make a pencil case for Kindergarten. Are you home schooling? BTW, great idea about cutting the paneling down. But I can't even manage to paint, much less make any changes. I would love for you to come over sometime and brainstorm with me on home improvements. We can lock the kids in the playroom!