Friday, July 9, 2010

shake your oompa loompa

Although Miss H has given up dance, I have a sneaking suspicion there may be another recital in my future.
Also.. does anyone know how to get better quality uploaded videos? This is shot in HD so it looks great on my camera and on my computer as I go to edit.. but really less than stellar here..


snoopy said...

Hey where did you get the curly hair I love it. Keep on danceing little bit
that my song I love it

Linnea said...

I love her singing, "shake my booty, shake my booty."

Anonymous said...

I love her!! she so cute. Nice moves little lady pants.

Laura said...


I am a staff memeber at the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem. I would love to invite you to an upcoming local blogger event here at the House. If you don't mind sharing your email address (or you can email me @ I would like to send you the evite!

-Laura @RMHWinstonSalem