Friday, August 20, 2010

Where to begin..

So.. we have been a little BUSY around here what with all the basement work and quick out of town trips, and more basement work, and swimming and field hockey coaching and getting The Mr. settled in his new school, and Cubby and Miss h getting moved up in Gymnastics and more basement work.. and getting together with old friends, and missing our school year friends... and Go Deacs Fan Fest.. and FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL!! anyways.. my apologies to those who have been watching Lil Bit shake her booty for an entire month!! but it really couldn't be helped. 

The booty shaking or the lack of updating that is..  
The basement progresses... 

To a level that might almost indicate "done" but not quite. But the end as they say is in sight, so that's something.

We have built the lockers and cabinets ourselves, tiled the bathroom and laundry room, and the fireplace,  installed laminate in the playroom and now we attempt to floor the craft room. I have decided that I would really love to own a KREG JIG after watching Tom build some things, and if you do not have a sweet mudroom locker system like you see here.. I super reccomend it. The corner will eventually have shelves for storing pool things and out of season gear (aka snow pants) but as you can see the project has spiraled out of control. so we are trying to get the main things done so we can get all the "stuff" moved out of the garage. YIKES!!

I can't wait!! 

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