Friday, July 9, 2010

Doing a little painting...

So we started with something like this... 

The blue being for the bathroom and the red for the laundry room.
The wall paper will line the back of the bookcases in the family room and my crafting area. 
So with a house full of young helpers, we got right to work! 

Their idea's of course being different from ours.. 
Still somehow we got it closer to done.. 

That wall next to the fireplace is where one day we will be able to play Wii. 

This area will be my crafting area..

My dad promises he is coming to build in some storage and and secretary style desk a la pottery barn. 
We got this room worked on too.. 

She's standing in the closet that is going to change my life with it's storage capacity. 
Here's a full playroom view.. I'll bet it looks even more awesome when all those "items" aren't cluttering it up. 

I can't hardly wait.. except The Mr. is deserting us for an ENTIRE 8 days.. I know I throw up a little when I say it. YIKES!! so probably this is it on progress for a while.
I would like to take this opportunity to admit that the basement project has been the LONGEST  "two weeks" of my life.

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