Saturday, May 8, 2010

a long week

It was a long a busy week, punctuated at odd intervals with extreme business, and then lengthened by periods of circling...
 In the middle of a day filled with this lovely face from Lil Bit.. a mysterious package arrived which I let Cubby open with me because I was on my last ounce of mommy control let me tell you.. and do you see those adorable flip flops.. WELL they are mine mine mine!! And they are better than flip flops.. they are SWITCH FLOPS. They were a gift from my super hip Mother in Law in honor of Mother's day.. and let me tell you they kept me smiling all day!!

The Yard men finished renovating the yard..  It looks so much better I cannot even tell you!! They also replaced an ailing cherry tree with a real apple tree. So exciting! I'm hoping it doesn't go the way of every other tree we've had in the yard.

Miss H had her dress rehearsal for her first and only ballet recital..
 I wish I would have gotten a slose up of her hair, she insisted on a braid bun, and it turned out fabulously! So of course I had to snap the pic as we were rushing out the door, so maybe she'll let me do it again. 

Finally, this just cracked The Mr. and I up.. at lunch today the kids all took their mandarin oranges and slipped them over the rims like they were enjoying cocktails on a sunny beach, not chicken nuggets in the dining room.
so cute!! Speaking of cute.. guess who's been sitting on the potty? I know Lil Bit can you even believe it? I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, but there really will come a day when we will be diaper free.
Also.. the workmen have been working away downstairs and they have made a big mess that will soon be my new basement crafting lair, playroom, den, study, and guestroom. They have also framed in the most lovely closet I have ever laid eyes on. I can hardly wait for the electrician to come through and light it up!!
Happy Mother's Day!!


sewthriftycollection said...

happy Mother's day. i love you. *winter

Ty and Andi said...

YAY! Excpet you still haven't called us in to help! PLEASE do! I want to come see what they did and I want you to come see what we did...:) I miss you!

Summer said...

you are so funny... I am waiting until we have to paint everything to call in every good friend I have. I'm talking ceiling walls and hopefully some built in cabinets that will need coats and coats of highgloss white.

Taylor K said...

I think this is going to be a long week for me. I've already been cussed out and have been REALLY late for work the past two days. Ew.