Friday, May 21, 2010

the distraction...

Yum Yum... Seriously... these are good. The new batch of fruit leathers.. SUCCESS!  and what might you ask was distracting me causing the first batch to be a little over cooked?

Well, This..

Because Phil.. who is doing the work in our basement.. found a way to get all those pesky exposed ducts that really ruin the look of our basement ceiling.. up into the floor joists, for a price that was almost not over budget. And while this does extend the length and scope of the project, we will end up with a much nicer basement playroom and family room, and before the summer ends he tells me.

I am really starting to adore Phil, and I try to focus on that idea when I am tripping over all the toys that now live in the office but somehow migrate all over the upstairs.

We added this..
to go with this..
don't be distracted there by my brand new insulation and studly wall, we are talking keepsake heirloom wall people!
State Meet Tomorrow!!
Much love,


Anonymous said...

YAY!! hand prints, can't wait to see the finished basement and send some of thosefruit rolls this way.xo

Brooke Eriksen said...

You are a trooper!

Emma and Dan said...

Yay for being almost done, for having cute handprints that will be found and enjoyed in the future, and for somehow fitting more improvements into your budget!