Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a long jacket..

So, no big whoop that I make things, and sew things and craft and mod podge. I am blessed with so many opportunities to be creative and have in my basement crafting lair a myriad of supplies and inspiration. What I lack really is not opportunity, but motivation (and funding). From time to time.. the PERFECT combination of time, inspiration, attention and gift cards all come together and viola....

but the very very best part (although this is possibly the most awesome thing I've sewn in a while, and is giving me just the little nudge I need to get started on Easter) was Miss H saying she loved it. "It is warm and perfect and I love it.)

That was the best.
Better than it coming out looking handmade, not homemade... better than completely lined with adorable black with fuschia flowers.

She loved it.
Big time.

and that has made all the difference..

So obviously she needs some cute headbands or a scarf.. I'll just have to get right on that.
but my mind is drifting now to Easter.. several years ago I made this.. for Miss H, and I did actually crown it "THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER MADE"

It's "Penny" by Wendy Schoen in white linen with madeira applique in baby pink with hand embroidery on the bodice. Thes best part being of course this adorable cut out in the back..
 I am thinking of making it again for Miss H in her current size, and having Lil Bit wear the original. And with only needing to make one Easter dress, couldn't I whip out a few capelets like these?  just saying.... I'm all sewing motivated now that I've been met with a little success and gratitude.


Mom said...

Amazing coat! You should make one for yourself! Fabulous idea to only have to make one dress this year for Easter btw. I remember that dress of Hannah's, and it is beautiful. Rachel will look super cute in it.

-Emma (I'm too lazy to sign out of my mom's blogger account)

PS There is a showing at our house tomorrow, please keep us in your prayers. :)

snoopy said...

Hey its the best I just love it
I think the best part is that we got to talk while you were sewing that was awesome
Best job I have seen
And I really do want one
Great job
Love auntie

And you did it on winter and my birthday
How great is that