Friday, September 2, 2011

a tricky question

If a stay at home mom with four kids and a loving husband, works each afternoon and evenings as a field hockey coach, tuesday and thursday mornings as a preschool teacher, recurriculums the church nursery, volunteers to teach some music and art at the kids school, since they no longer have funding, wants to help a friend build lockers in her hall, cleans the upstairs on fridays and the downstairs on thursdays, and packs 15 lunches a week, which day does she do the laundry?


I do laundry every stinking day and it is NEVER NEVER NEVER done.  Also.. I miss working out.
and sleeping.


sewthriftycollection said...

laundry ... the never ending cycle...unless your a nudist, then you can do laundry and shower at the same time.

Emma and Dan said...

I can't stand laundry. Mostly because I am terrible at it. I always forget things and leave them in the washer or dryer too long. The only thing I hate more than laundry? Ironing. So then I feel super lame when I throw a wet towel in with the dry clothes and run the dryer again hoping to steam out the wrinkles. Someday, I'll get the hang of it. I've only been living on my own for 12 years. :)

snoopy said...

Hey every time you go up and down you stairs there is your work out you never have to pay to go to the gym.
I know you want out of the house ??
Just trying to look at the other side???

Andrea said...

Sheesh! I was going to ask you to have lunch with me one day soon. Sounds like you are tooooo busy. :)