Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Day of School

We have made a switch to a new school this year. Which is great, because all the school age kids get to go to the same school. Its less than great because I am left at home with Lil Bit and she is a TYRANT. I had completely underestimated misunderstood  romanticized the idea of being at home alone with my youngest child. And since she can use the potty by herself and get her own snack I had envisioned a bunch of time to complete my various mommy projects. Without the other three children to distract entertain run interference, Lil Bit has devoted all her attention to me. Suddenly she needs me to do EVERYTHING, I am now mommy, servant, praisegiver, playmate, and clean up crew. IT's EXHAUSTING! Also, our interests are not exactly aligned and she has alot of ideas about what we should be doing all the time. I would prefer coloring, arts/crafts, and reading. She seems to enjoy, making messes, being pushed on a swing and playing pirates. YIKES!

I do get all the snuggles, so that is a plus.

The decision about school remains to be proved positive or negative. They have lost funding for art and music so I have volunteered to come help, but I am terribly teary  frustrated. I just picture them in there with their little friends all day with no music and art and I get sad. Like really sad. They have however been doing some interesting work, and they have had sharing, and also gotten to play with balls on the playground. So far they have not had any complaints. Except the day Miss H said she didn't need to go to go there anymore because of the Mrs. Wishy Washy incident. Apparently her teacher didn't let the children read, and then didn't even read the "Good" Mrs. Wishy Washy. I was terribly concerned when Hannah followed up my sympathies, with "If my stomach hurt would I still have to go?"


I watched another little girl in the mornings all but the last two days of school, which is why I was so astonished to find Lil Bit unable to entertain herself. I have to say, nannying for a family in the morning might be exactly what I need, or this littlest one is going to have to head off to school.

I'll tell you who I'm not worried about at all is Little Daddy! HE LOVES school, also he has so far been seriously awesome about getting ready and remembering his belongings. He doesn't always remember everything he did for the three hours and forty five minutes we're apart, but he shares a good summary of his activities each day.

More on the kids triathalon.. soon.


snoopy said...

Hey Happy First day of school you all made it????
No its
I know cubby and miss H will have a great day
Because it's a LUCKY DAY
Big 7
Have fun on your day
Love Auntie

Controlling My Chaos said...

All the budget cuts are seriously hurting our kids' education. We lost P.E. And music this year due to budget cuts. Hopefully your little one settles into a routine of entertaining herself soon, so you can have some time to do your own thing. Good luck!