Monday, July 18, 2011


We served Lemondade in The Shade to our congregation after worship this week. This is what we looked like. 
Do you think that someday my kids will be less than enthusiastic about color coordinating? Also.. you can't see it so well here.. but my skirt is really cute, I cut it down from a dress that didn't fit anymore because I've been exercising.

see.. cute huh?
The kids were in a really great spirit on Sunday and played remarkably well together all day. Cubby and Miss H were very helpful as we kept the 2/3 nursery. Here they are playing "What time is it Mr. Fox" and Lil Bit is playing the fox. Her favorite time is 8 o'clock.. whereas Little Daddy almost always says "Midnight!" He loves the hunt!

We have been wrestling with a big decision and passing the summer away crafting and sewing and painting, and swimming.  The Swim season is almost at a close, and I haven't snapped that many pool shots yet! Little Daddy is really working on his "free-style" it's a loose interpretation but it's coming, and Miss H and Cubby have really improved over last season. It is so amazing to me to watch them swim as actual stroke swimming is not something I have ever mastered, or been instructed in.  One of the lifeguards at our pool has offered to teach me, and I fully intend to take him up on it, just as soon as Lil Bit is feeling better.


*winter said...

Lookin' good sister!! I hope they coordinate forever. love ya.

Emma and Dan said...

I love the coordinating! I want to hear more about this "big decision" that you hinted at.
Also, I wanted to talk with you, so call me!

snoopy said...

Yea I agree with your sister I hope you all coordinate for life it looks great and it has to be fun. Can't wait for the pool shots does your school start soon I haven't even finish summer school yet?
Love you all

Controlling My Chaos said...

You and your family look adorable!