Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Fun!!---

It is summertime!! Which means Hours upon hours of togetherness around here! (Today we spent 6 hours pulling weeds) Maybe it was three.. but it felt like six. And you know that saying about many hands making light work.. some times.. many hands just means lots of work. The goodnews is that Miss H can work the pruners like a pro.. the bad news is THERE ARE STILL MORE WEEDS! AND TRIMMING AND CUTTING.. and also.. I can practically hear it growing out there right now!!
Should we ever move (which I'm obviously hoping is never) I think I want a smaller yard.

Some other things we have been up to..

Blueberry Picking..

(I also bought some local honey!)

Hiking... we are totally becoming outdoorsy I am even thinking of camping MAYBE

also a nice man taught Cubby how to light a match and start a charcoal grill. Something he will need to know for his new outdoorsy self.

We had the 4th of July.. which I almost forgot to document.. IT WAS SO HOT!! I spent most of the day in the pool where I couldn't really take pictures because I value our camera. Here's the kids and the Mr. He's been working out... can you tell? He really does a lot of work on his Hot Abs.

Here the kids are all comparing their hauls on the Money Dive.. which is the HIGHLIGHT of their fourth. I was sad we had to leave before the greased watermelon dive because I do think that one is hilarious.. but not sad to miss someone passing out during the underwater swim.

The Mr. did not get a picture of me participating in the "biggest splash" which I was shocked to find I did not win. Miss H did win the best trick.. Cubby had an unfortunate choke in mid air and didn't win. Which is too bad.. he does a great front flip, and can do a great back flip, although you really have to bribe him to get him to show it off.

There was a huge rainstorm... but it cleared up and we went to Lewisville to see the fire works.
I got a little grumpy at this point, because we couldn't get to our friends because of traffic, and there was a tree in the way of 25% of the fireworks, and also.. I really think the best place to watch fireworks is down on the beach at the end of Huntington St (tower 9) in CALIFORNIA. I am sadly reminded of this everytime I try to watch fireworks somewhere else.
Also.. we had Customer Appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A.. if you go bovine.. you dine FOR FREE.I told the kids to make their own costumes. They did great. I love Chick-Fil-A

My Former Athlete, and one of my favorite girls Sydney.. competed for the Youth Team USA and placed 8th. In France.. with her best jump of 4M. How awesome is she?

And.. tonight we watched Kung Fu Panda at BB&T ballpark.. I let the kids get their own candy and soda from the Dollar store.

The MR. and I smooshed our heads together for a photo.. Cuz we're still awesome.

and on the way out.. THEY GAVE US ALL BATS!!!

We've also been crafting and sewing and painting and we went to the theatre and we have a HUGE decision to make/finalize/discuss that I will tell you all about when I have my head around it.

Also.. I am having some sort of problem with blogger which is that it will not upload my pictures quickly AT ALL and also is making me select them one at a time. This makes me cringe.. so these are all small and low res because I had to image copy them from flickr.. which is not ideal i don't think. I will work on this. soon.


*winter said...

WEhoohoo Summertime, it does look like fun over there. Too bad the mister missed your splash, i would have liked to see your mad skills. YOuto are still awesomely cute. LOve ya

snoopy said...

Hey it sure looks like you guys know how to have a great summer I think I,ll have to save my money and come out there for the summer
Way to much fun
And yes I do miss you guys on the fourth it's just not the same and never will be but maybe on of these day will all get together that would be fun
Well as I always say you have a great family
Love you all