Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three Little Birdies

The weather is quite rainy and cold here, and so we have been holed up in the basement playing and crafting away. Well, not so much me, my spine just won't tolerate it. Miss H hauled out her sewing machine and got back to work on some projects she's been wanting to finish. And guess who joined in on the fun?

So, just before Christmas we had seen this adorable pattern in a magazine called Sew Simple. So I photocopied the pattern, and Miss H cut and pinned and stitched. Creating an adorable Owl she named Fluffy Tink. If you could see her work, you would just be amazed!! Cubby followed suit choosing blue, red and white fabrics for an all american Cubs inspired softie, he named Soriano. Finally, theirs looked so adorable I stitched one up for Lil Bit, I'm thinking of calling it Snack because she just loves chewing on it. It was rather challenging to stitch it using the Little Hello Kitty machine (feed dogs on mine are not working properly) especially since the kids insisted I sit at the little table, but I am amazed at what a great little machine it is. (I had to use the button hole feature on it a few days ago to finish a dress for a friend). 
So introducing... Fluffy, Soriano, and Snack!

Finally, look who can sit up, just a lil bit! Sorry for the mild nudity, but I just think she's adorable. 

I know the photo is a little blurry, I am having a bit of trouble with the camera. I'm thinking that might be the next thing I save my babysitting money  up for, supposing of course my sewing machine is not completely broken (perish the thought, I've been sewing on that thing since I was ten!!)  So, the weather is deteriorating rapidly, and the rain is turning to hail!! Hopefully we can have a snow day. I just love being married to a teacher!

Happy March!!


Andrea said...

Wow! What super projects! Nice work kids (and mom). :) Now let's hope the colleges are canceled so my sweetie will have home time with the rest of us.

Emma and Dan said...

I'm pretty sure that you'll get your snow day! The owls are so cute! I can't believe that they were able to do that with so little help from you! What talented children you have.

brooke said...

I just told Nik "Maybe it's good I don't live next to Summer, I would think something was wrong with our children". I am starting to believe your whole family is super human. Sowing at 4! Seriously!! I would be impressed with myself if I made those owls. They are darling! And I don't think I commented but tell C I am super amazed at the bike riding abilities. Miss you and your little fam!