Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Day

So I had put off updating this blog because I felt so badly about bumping GiGi down, however, as I started this blog specifically for her, I thought it would be important to keep it updated. (Guess who loves Gramma? ME ME ME!!)

I am a teacher, and I married a teacher, and teachers love snow days!! I cannot even communicate the excitement that buzzes around here when the weather people start calling for snow. The Mr. Gets more excited than anyone I think and has a whole series of rituals and rules about how to make the snow actually come. Well, the blizzard that had me reminiscing and thoughtful (see previous post) did deliver SIX INCHES of pure bliss. Around here, six inches is good enough for TWO snow days, and one two hour delay.  The Mr. and the kids headed out promptly at 8:00 and made it about an hour. I followed shortly after putting Lil Bit to bed. There were snow ball fights, and sledding, general magic until The Mr. slammed Miss H in the face with a snowball as she was coming down the slide. (He really is the biggest kid.) "Why did Daddy do that?" she said with boo hoo tears a streamin' "I have no idea "I said biting my lip and trying to remove stray flakes from inside her hood with only mild success, but I really do know why.. umm it was hilarious!!

Every time it snows I think there is little that is as magical as this, a blissful unexpected  mini-vacation with your husband and kids.  Of course I doubt I'll be thinking that in June when we are making up the days!! It is always a blessing to have the Mr. for a few more moments, or hours, or days.. Good grief he is at work ALL DAY!! 


Emma and Dan said...

You got some great snow pictures! They must have had so much fun in your ginormous backyard. :)

Christina Lee said...

I used to be a teacher and looked forwrd to those snow days too!!! i got your question on my tags-n-stones site about the large open square. I can turn it at the point to make it into a diamond shape, or the way I usually do it, is put two holes in the two top corners and fit the fourth name in between the holes at the top! Take care!