Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Month of Beauty Rest...

Well, She's bigger.. she's louder and she fits right in!! Sleeping Beauty has been here one full month... and so far her party tricks include "urping" down my shirt, or on anything that has been freshly laundered (only when the "urp cloth" is out of reach), making a "flushing sound" whenever she fills her diaper, bringing her hands together in the same "excellent" way as Mr. Burns on the Simpsons, sticking her tongue out in nearly every picture, as well as delighting and amazing us at every turn, (as long as those turns are not between the hours of 2 and 5 am).

I will also say, that I already pity the poor boy who tries to date this one, because Little Daddy and Cubby are in LOVE with her. We have had several disagreements in this house about who Sleeping Beauty is "looking at" (I have to admit I'm a big instigator in these disagreements because of course she is looking AT ME!!) There is always a commotion if I mention that someone will need to hold the baby for a minute, because they are all clamouring to find the boppy (thank you Auntie Nea!!) By the way don't let Little Daddy hold her unattended because when he calls out "Dun" you have 1.5 seconds to rescue the baby before he shoves her off onto the floor. (I guess there are limits to his affection).

Below is a little walk down memory lane witha picture of all the kids at one month for comparison sake..
Miss H

just who does she look like?


Little Daddy


brooke said...

miss h all the way. maybe that is her true twin.

Linnea said...

A little like Andrew, but mostly like you!

Shelby Morrison said...

I think she looks like "cubby" and "miss h!" I hope you guys are all doing amazing and I miss cross country :( Even though I didn't think I'd ever say that haha