Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A letter to my Children

I am sad to say it's over guys, the summer and my days of being outnumbered all day! While the calendar has weeks more of glorious outdoor weather, the three of you bigger kids are all nestled in their beds patiently and or anxiously awaiting your first day at a new school. I doubt I will sleep at all tonight guys, because I am so nervous about whether we have made a good choice for all of you.

Little Daddy you are by far the most excited. (You have spent weeks deciding on the perfect backpack!) This being your first REAL school experience you have been counting down the days since we got your "you're in" letter from this school. You are an amazing young man, and I wasn't exagerrating when I told Mrs. Hastings that I think you are "ALL KINDS of AWESOME". You have always been a very flexible, easy going child, Little Daddy, and everyone loves to be your friend, because you have exactly the kind of tender heart that thinks of others first, and feels genuine sorrow when you've made a mistake. I am not worried about you and school at all, because I think you have made up your mind to LOVE it like awesome sauce. I will miss the way you become all mine when the big kids are away, I will miss your great ideas and creative play, and I will miss the way you are so careful and helpful with your younger sister all day, even when she is driving you BANANAS. I pray for you that when you are overwhelmed at school you will remember that you have an inner strength and a loving heart. I will try not to be the last mom in the carpool line. But your older brother and sister will tell you, sometimes I stink at pickup line.

Miss H you have been trying to hide your excitement out of concern for Cubby and I love that about you. I know that you are made for school Miss H, you are your mother's daughter afterall and I have seen in you this summer a creativity and industriousness that is new. You are immensely capable Miss H, in a way that makes me feel so blessed to be your mom and to be part of your journey. Watching you unfold your imagination this summer has been amazing, and I don't think I will ever look at Harry Potter, the tooth fairy or Santa the same way again. I have learned about you this year that you are very attentive to expectation, and you strive for excellence, except when you are in a hurry. I'm so proud to have you as my daughter. I pray for you this year that you will enjoy your classmates and their gifts, that you will challenge yourself to grow into all the gifts God has given you and that you continue to nurture and love your brothers. You are a great strength to me Miss H and a wonderful helper. I will miss your giggle immensely, and I know Lil Bit will too.

Cubby, you are my most exhuberant child. Never could I have imagined such a creative and sensitive person! You are anxious with this big change of schools Cubby, and you are the reason I agonized over making the switch. You are ART  with all its nuances and subletelys, you are expressive, and sulky at times, you believe in magic, You are faithful Cubby, and you are fiercely loyal. I know you are worried about all the changes and new faces and I pray for you to remember that you are loved. I pray that you continue to have a  magnetic personality and a great sympathy for others, and that you hone your creative and artistic gifts. I pray that you have the courage to embrace this great change as opportunity. You are "No Ordinary Boy" to me, or to anyone that has met you. I will miss not knowing what to expect from you next, and watching you flee from the hallway when you've switched the light off. I will miss your hilarious faces all day, and I sure hope Mrs. Best enjoys them!!

Lil Bit..
you are not even little anymore.. I don't know why I keep calling you that. Just tonight as I was packing up the lunches I said, "Hey save that last serving of smoothie and I'll feed it to the baby." You have grown up too fast for my taste! You are a little spicy. We are going to have such a fun time at home together I hope. I have never had just one kid at home so I suppose you'll have to tell me what to do. Good thing you have alot of practice in that area huh? I am thinking you will thrive with me all to yourself for a few hours, and possibly relax a little. I am looking forward to all your great snuggles, a million puzzles and your fabulous back rubs.

Above all my little chicks, I love you like awesome sauce! I want you to love learning, and school and for the whole experience to leave you a little breathless with wonder and excitement, but also spurred to stretch into your fuller selves.


sewthriftycollection said...

your kids are amazing! I'm glad they are all excited about school and it will be so much fun to have some one on one with lil bit.....she's so cute

snoopy said...

It hard the first day of school for all moms
I know because they get on my school bus and it really hard.
But you have awesome kids and they'll all do fine
They have a great mom and dad
Try to enjoy every minute
Love ya

Emma and Dan said...

Where is Little Daddy going to school? Is he in kindergarten? I wish Elena could enjoy school this year, but I am happy to get to spend one more year with her (doing preschool coop again). I'm glad that things worked out for the different school and hopefully their first couple of days went great. :)