Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Day Of School

when the alarm clock went off this morning, neither The Mr. nor I were incredibly excited. 
but Cubby and Miss H were...

Still Sleeping!!!

Not to be deterred we awakened them, got em dressed and ready

 fed them a healthy breakfast and dropped them 

off at school for the first time!!

I left them in these capable hands.. 

and departed with this Handsome Little Daddy who was ECSTATIC!!

and saw this ominous sign about 5 blocks from the school. 

Yes, I know, DRAMATIC!! 
In all honesty, as I drove away I did have a huge feeling of relief, that the school decision was made, that they would be going, and they would be in the same class. It took about three hours for me to become addicted to the special silence created in their absence. Little Daddy has become quite the big brother, and conversationalist without the older kids around. 
Some favorite moments in our first 2 weeks of kindergarten.. 
  1. Little Daddy snuggling into me on the couch to read his THIRD Bob Book and saying,  "I just love being home with you mom." 
  2. Little Bit  racing to the locker room saying "get my shoes I need to get my Sissy"
  3. Little Daddy, saying "NOOOOO!" When I said it was time to pick up the kids. 
  4. Little Bit saying, " Where my Sissy?" I answered at Kindergarten she says, "Again?!! AWW MAN!"
  5. Little Daddy throwing a fist pump in the air after dropping the kids off and saying, "Let's go home and learn to READ!"
There has been some rough moments as predicted. I've been "scolded" several times because the drop off and pick up areas are an enigma, not to mention my frustration at their insistence on running the whole thing backward so the kids have to get out on the drivers side. Not being present for lunch and snack leaves me constantly hoping the kids remember they have to eat food to survive. There was also the morning I discovered Miss H had given Kit a haircut and I was immediately dreaming of driving to school and dragging her out of kindergarten to ask what she was thinking!! I didn't, and I had to wait all Day!!! 

While C and H are enjoying being there, and I am also enjoying them being there, how much they will learn while they are there is unclear at best. The Mr. made me promise to wait through last Friday before I set foot in the classroom because of the number of "erks" I have gotten only hearing the kids point of view. 

Two kids were sent to the principal last week (neither of them mine) 
On the third day of school Miss H asked if it would be okay if she brought her own book to read
The kids were all grumpy when I picked them up one day and when I asked what happened they said, they didnt' get to do any silent reading because Ms. K said only she would get to do reading today. 
They have not had computers.
One day they spent their second recess practicing walking in a line, sitting in circle, filling up their water bottles, in Miss H's words, "Some of those children are not very good listeners mom" 
Miss H said one day, "My table is a disaster"
They have yet to learn anything, in a way that makes me wonder if they will learn anything. 

So, I am not completely happy about the situation, and probably the most frustrating part is the attitude of the majority of parents that the school is perfect. Which it is not although it does seem to be improving thanks in part to there decision to adopt a math program the county adopted 10 years ago! and the lack of a clear approach to literacy that can actually be communicated unnerves me!!

 I saw someone screw up the carpool line on Thursday, when I REALLY REALLY needed to get in and out in a hurry, and when someone went to explain the problem I smirked a little, not because they were getting in trouble, but because I felt pretty certain they would ask how they could avoid this situation in the future and the answer would be I don't know!! Because I had just had the same situation explained to me a few days ago by a not so friendly Hairy Scary woman, and when I said, how do I know when to bypass the line and when to wait in the line she said, "I don't know, it's been like this for eight years, and it doesn't matter because you have to move RIGHT NOW!!" 
Thanks lady.
SO.. rough road ahead, but I am hopeful we will be able to navigate it. For Goodness sake Cubby will have a heart attack if he doesn't get to do Peter and the Wolf. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will get better, it is just the beginning of the year after all, right?