Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feels Like I’m Falling for Fall..

So there is nothing as fun, in my opinion as the start of a new season. Both Miss H and Cubby have been in LOVE with Fall this year. In general their interest in nature has peaked this season. Cubby calls out periodically, “Mom, it’s fall!!” as if he can’t believe his good fortune. The kind of wonder and gratitude for this “luckiest day” is inspiring to me, and as much as I can be dazed by this whirlwind we inhabit, I am delighted and sometimes reaffirmed by his knowledge that God has made each day just for him.

To jump into fall, we visited a pumpkin patch, and of course began decorating our pumpkins. You will notice that we have painted them (except for Cubby of course, who turned his into a pirate.) Also there are decidedly less pictures of Sleeping Beauty than the other children, because well, she doesn’t do much!! We were also lucky enough to see a real fire truck, complete with Firefighters! (October is fire safety month, which we seem to be doing a bang up job on.)

When all the pumpkins are finished, I'll line em up for a photo shoot, try to contain yourselves until them.